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@@ -143,12 +143,19 @@ support for the protocols to translate.
* A C compiler
* GNUmake
+To build for Windows, the package `mingw-w64` provides a cross-compiler that can
+be used to build a subset of the backends as well as the core.
### Build
-Just running `make` in the source directory should do the trick.
+For Linux and OSX, just running `make` in the source directory should do the trick.
Some backends have been marked as optional as they require rather large additional software to be installed,
-for example the `ola` backend. To build these, run `make full` in the backends directory.
+for example the `ola` backend. To create a build including these, run `make full`.
+To build on windows, install the crosscompiler package listed above and run
+`make windows`. This will build `midimonster.exe` as well as a set of backends as DLL
## Development
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@@ -109,4 +109,6 @@ Data input from the console is done by actively querying the state of all mapped
at low latency. A lower input interval value will produce data with lower latency, at the cost of network & CPU usage.
Higher values will make the input "step" more, but will not consume as many CPU cycles and network bandwidth.
+When requesting button executor events on the fader pages (execs 101 to 222) of a dot2 console, map at least one fader control from the 0 - 22 range or input will not work due to strange limitations in the MA Web API.
Command line events are sent, but I'm not sure they're being handled yet.
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@@ -52,6 +52,9 @@ midi1.ch0.pitch > midi2.ch1.pitch
#### Known bugs / problems
+To access MIDI data, the user running MIDIMonster needs read & write access to the ALSA sequencer.
+This can usually be done by adding this user to the `audio` system group.
Currently, no Note Off messages are sent (instead, Note On messages with a velocity of 0 are
generated, which amount to the same thing according to the spec). This may be implemented as
a configuration option at a later time.