tag namev0.4 (de388a9c3f95d370a6566ebc66f47acbdde78ea5)
tag date2020-03-08 16:31:33 +0100
tagged bycbdev <cb@cbcdn.com>
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MIDIMonster v0.4
This release introduces the project Logo, which is also used as the executable icon on Windows. It contains two new backends, the OpenPixelControl backend for interfacing with intelligent pixel strips and clients written therefor, and the Python backend, allowing users to implement custom logic, ranging up to backend-like extensions, using the Python 3 programming language. Configuration read from files can now be extended or overridden from the command line, using the `-i` and `-b` arguments to override instance and backend configuration parameters, respectively. The Windows build will now keep the console window alive until a key is pressed if it is exiting as the last process in the console (for example, if started from a file manager). Some error messages that reported wrong or misleading information due to platform differences have been corrected. Due to internal API changes, backends built for previous releases will need to be rebuilt to work with this one. The sACN and ArtNet backends were outfitted with rate-limiting logic according to their respective specifications, which additionally should aid performance when translating multiple universes. The Lua backend gained access to some new API calls and received some bug fixes, as has the Windows MIDI backend. The MA Web backend can now be configured to output fewer warnings while in operation.