tag namev0.6 (9319525b39c50556c5ba01f1838e85ab7b9fdcfa)
tag date2021-06-30 02:53:29 +0200
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MIDIMonster v0.6
After a pretty long time in development, this release introduces three new backends: The `wininput` backend allows users to use mouse, keyboard and joysticks as input on Windows. It can also be used to remotely control the mouse and keyboard state. The `visca` backend connects to motorized camers (known as PTZ cameras) and allows them to be controlled remotely. The `mqtt` backend provides read and write access to the popular message queueing telemetry transport protocol, which is used in a wide variety of projects and applications. The configuration parser now allows list-type multichannel specifications. Additional example configurations have been added to the distribution. Due to internal API changes, backends built for previous releases are incompatible with this release. The maweb backend will now retry connections after being disconnected. The sACN backend has received improvements to the multicast receive functionality. The sACN and ArtNet backends have been outfitted with a basic `detect` functionality. The ArtNet backend supports a new option to ignore the output rate limit. The Lua and Python backends now support additional methods to gather the list of all channels currently mapped to them. The MIDI backends (`midi`, `winmidi`, `jack`, `rtpmidi`) have gained the ability to receive and send extended parameter numbers (RPN/NRPN), which allow for finer grained control, as well as support for the program change control. The evdev backend will now terminate the core when losing the connection to an input device. Device name matching for the evdev backend has been changed to allow for true prefix matching. The `maweb` backend has received fixes to the core interface, fixing a bug that required the channels to be specified in order.