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@@ -42,14 +42,14 @@ The database stores the the following data for each alias
* *Real path*: The on-disk directory name where, when prepended with both the `fileroot` and optionally, the `userdir`, the data is stored. Multiple aliases may point to the same real path.
* *Access level*: The access level this alias permits to the real path. A string consisting of any of the characters *c* (*C*reate / Upload), *r* (*R*etrieve / Read), *u* (*U*pdate), *d* (*D*elete) in any order.
* *Storage limit*: Per-alias storage limit (applied when uploading)
-* *Display mode*: Parameter
+* *Display mode*: Parameter to the file-listing interface, customizing end-user layout.
The storage limit for each alias (applied when uploading files) is calculated as the minimum of the following parameters
-* Global disk size limit
+* Global disk free space
* `global_limit` in `backend/config.py`
-* The per-user limit
-* The per-alias limit
+* The per-user limit minus the disk size currently used by the user, if the per-user limit is not `0`
+* The per-alias limit minus the disk size currently used by the files in the alias, if the per-alias limit is not 0 / NULL
## Interface